Behind the Scenes of Rachel H Collection Manufacturing

It brings joy to be able to just enter a clothing store, where the shelves are carefully organized with a meticulously designed collection, made from quality fabrics and with a variety that just makes shopping fun!

Only a few truly know the effort that is behind every collection. From the initial idea until the products are placed on the shelves.

Ms. Rachel Horovitz, founder and head designer of Rachel H brand, shares some details about what’s going on beyond the scenes:

Every season, when the customer enters the store and goes through an ordinary collection, he doesn’t know that it was designed and sewn a few months ago – and sometimes even a year before that. Our upcoming Purim collection was done before the winter had started, and now we are working on designs for the new year holidays.

Every time before I fly abroad to work on the next line, I get excited as if it was my first time. My creativity is filling up, and I get hope and high expectations for some fulfilling results this time – for me and my clients. This entire process is met with warm prayers, since as we all know, it is all Besiyata Dishmaya.

In the factories where we manufacture the clothing, I sit for many days – sketching, choosing fabrics, creating illustrations and matching colors. It is a special art process, demanding precise planning capabilities and the ability to picture the perfect product in mind.

After hundreds of hours of planning, cutting and matching through day and night, the time comes where you can see the fabric sewn together and put on the mannequins, as we finish with final touches.

In just a few weeks, the containers reach the harbors of Israel, where our special crew picks them up, ship them to Jerusalem and unpack them straight onto the shelves.

In every circle of manufacturing, I pray that there won’t be any malfunctions; that the clients will be happy and that Hakadosh Baruch Hu will give me the strength to keep on going.