A Brand is Born

After 12 years of success, our brand has finally become a “Bat Mitzvah”. We celebrated the occasion with a new branding that’s all about style.

Our new brand language is inspired to be more mature and elegant, using more solid color and festivity and matching our famous line of luxurious fashion. Our logo has transformed to be more tasteful and refined, to match our collection and to combine classical and European themes with gentle prestigious touches.

The colors of our logo – navy blue with a golden decoration – represent the nobility of our brand; Our unique and delicate designs, and that it has finally reached adolescence. As our brand had matured, so does our customers: in the past our brand was recognized with kids and toddlers, but in recent years it has started to communicate with women and girls.

Our physical store had been renovated as well. We made sure that the design will correspond with our branding, our colors and style, in order to let customers easily recognize the brand and make a quick psychological association.

The uniqueness of Rachel H is expressed in several ways: With the availability of celebratory clothing for the whole family to purchase. The advantage is not only in the comfort of the purchase, but with the option to ‘style’ the entire family in the same mode – a must on many occasions. If you are planning your wedding, engagement or Bar Mitzvah, you are welcome to check our store and find a variety of matching sets that fit everyone: boys, little girls, ladies, brides, and mothers. You can dress them in matching colors, matching fabrics or complementary clothes, as every age has the exact designs that will match his age and physique. Our clothing line is carefully sewn from luxurious fabrics and with special designs by Rachel H that comes with a lot of style and chic! We also offer a “customizing” service of items from our collection: We take special requests from our clients, so they can enjoy with a clothing item specially fitted to their taste and size.

We aim to project those unique messages to our current and potential clientele through a firm and steady marketing effort. We have the support of experts, strategists, designers and advertisers who help us in all the necessary platforms. Our ads use a recognizable layout, as much as a consistent effort in the social media (Facebook and Instagram). We inject our design themes in everything: our logo, brand elements (shopping bags, signage and etc), advertising elements (ads and posts) and even within our very own collection. They all speak the same brand language and keep the same uncompromisable principals.

Therefore it is no surprise that our customers  – those who are accustomed to Rachel Hs’ special style and have an eye for details, and can be considered a quality character for the luxury garment – identify our fashion items in no effort whatsoever. Our longtime customers note that when they see young boys all dressed up in festive suits – they will immediately recognize the suits made by Rachel H. The same thing can be said for our event dresses.

In order to assure our brand quality, it takes intensive and never-ending work. For example, we are already working on our Passover collection in the winter, and before Passover we begin preparations for our new year celebration collections. I travel around the world visiting fashion shows while catching up on all the latest fashion trends, and also using this time to collect some prestigious europian fabrics. In addition, and as a measure of keeping our high standards, we perform laundry tests in home laundry machines for every fabric before using it for our next collection, to make sure it stays quality, does not shrink, does not leave unwanted “fuzz” and can be cleaned well. We always update our collection and offer different varieties for every occasion. For example: we followed the “Mini-me” trend that took on the event halls in Israel, around the world and was also lead by the most famous celebs. The “Mini-me” trend means mothers and daughters matching their style completely. Mother and daughter dress-matching provides a breath-taking look in real-life and also while posing for pictures. It creates a common language and helps to identify the gals even from the other side of the hall. It is a trend close to our hearts. Our brand tailors fabulous “Mini-me” sets for girls, gals and women. The items are made from the same fabric and with the same color, and when the whole family is styled like them – it creates a spectacular and harmonic sight.

About a year ago we had opened BS”D our event department – an additional store to the one in the center which supports our “casual” branch. Our event store is a grand concept store for event and celebratory clothing only. We offer an amazing “Haute couture” collection for girls, gals, women and babies. The entire facility is designed in a victorian style and with luxury Lounges in mind, for a perfect shopping experience. Rachel’s professional styling team awaits you in the store and helps to create a perfect matching for your upcoming event, in a nice and respectful environment. Inside the store you can find giant mirrors, couches and decorated furniture that transforms your experience of choosing and trying out clothing to a relaxing experience, and can even reflect how you will look and feel at the event.

Our event store contributes to our high status branding, as Rachel H is a premium, high class brand. The event store keeps this image and gives the brand and the customers an added value in our high quality, unique designed clothing. 

Branding questions keep popping up in every business life cycle. For example: we chose to focus solely on Shabbath and holiday clothing, and to avoid spreading out to sports collections as well (although they do have their demand). This comes from as a result of our branding differentiation, and our unique value to our customers. It is how we avoid mixing external brands and only keeping our Rachel H clothing and contemporary items, with our unique design and uncompromising quality.