10 Things You didn’t Know About Rachel H

  1. Rachel, 43, was born in Jerusalem to the Goitein Family. She is a mother of 7 precious treasures, may they be kept from the evil eye, and grandmother of Talia – the sweetest grandchild in the world!
  2. She started her professional career as an educator at Beit Yaakov school. She had founded 13 years ago, with the assistance of her husband and with the blessing of the Rabbanit Kanievsky (peace be upon her) the Rachel H empire – a fashion brand that quickly became the 1# brand of the orthodox community.
  3. Rachel has stuck with Jerusalem through thick and thin. Her balcony overlooking The Tomb of Samuel; with highway 50 she can reach in 7 minutes The Tomb of Rachel and she frequently visits her true love – the Western Wall – at least once a week. A tip by Rachel: the fastest way to get to the Western Wall is with bus number 1. You should try it!
  4. Rachel’s collection is handled at 10 factories spread all around Europe, where all the collections – women, gals, boys and girls – are being manufactured.
  5. The four youngest children of Rachel left the hospital after their birth – with a passport! You can say that they were born with a passport in their hands, as they experienced their first flight at two weeks old!
  6. It is no secret that at Rachel H, the relationship is a part of the business. Rachel and her husband Moishy are working together in full swing, as Moishy is in charge of the boys’ clothing lines, and Rachel of the women’s and girls’ clothing lines. Working in a pair is not an easy task, but can also be an empowering experience.
  7. Every fabric purchased for one of Rachel collections is examined and washed in a home-model washing machine, before being used for the next item. It is to make sure that all fabrics are withstanding highest quality even in real home conditions.
  8. Rachel H high standard is an effort of tiring work. Rachel is constantly traveling around the world and visiting fashion shows, where she draws the latest trends for the orthodox community.
  9. While you are busy decorating your Sukkah, in Rachel H they already working on designing the Passover collection – and when Passover is afoot, they begin designing the new year holidays collection.
  10. Customers from all over the globe visit the Rachel H stores: customers from Canada, Switzerland, UK, Belgium, Argentina and many more. They come to dress up before weddings and other family events. It turns out that a name can cross the seas…It brings joy to watch boys and girls wearing fancy sets by Rachel H. For the benefit of those leaving far from our stores, Rachel H has launched an online store. Now everyone, from all over the world, can order and ship Rachel H clothes right to their doorstep!